DEPTH- A Life Drawing Session: Josephine Baker

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Kicking off the New Year with our Community Outreach events back in full effect! First starting off with our monthly DEPTH: A Life Drawing Session hosted by Jazmin Hicks.

We rang in January honoring the lovely Creole Goddess, Josephine Baker. She was such a pivotal trailblazer back in the day and truly paved the way for dancers, artists, and performers alike.

We had one of our old friends participate in this event, our muse Alondriah Lenyea, whom you may recognize from one of our past DEPTH’s here at Artform. The decision to bring in Lonnie again was for two reasons: 1. She is one of our best models yet with such a fierce look and beautiful body aesthetic, 2. She is apart of this amazing local Non-Profit Organization by the name of the Lula Washington Dance Theatre, that we wanted to showcase for the month of January in conjunction with our theme of Josephine Baker.

Lonnie was styled beautifully by our #ArtformArtist Sherry Younge. Lonnie has short hair similar to Josephine, so Sherry gave her pin curls using Schwarzkopf’s OSIS+ Crystal Gel along with the OSIS+ Free Spray to place the curls. Sherry also added some vintage hair accessories with rhinestones to really embody that 1920s look and feel.

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