The Midnight Hour LIVE Album Recording

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The Midnight Hour, Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed, selected a group of their most serious fans to sit in the Linear Labs studio (located at the back of The Artform Studio) and witness a LIVE recording to tape of their debut album.

We hosted two sessions for the night and both were at full capacity! This was a once in a lifetime experience for fans to get up close and personal with The Midnight Hour and actually participate in the creation of their LIVE The Midnight Hour album. It was safe to say that everyone who was lucky enough to attend is officially apart of our family now as this was the first time we have ever opened up our home in this way.

To be able to really share the way that we create and cultivate with the people that support us the most was an amazing feeling, and we thank you all for your continuous support!

Sherry YoungeComment