Jazz Is Dead: Nubya Garcia


London-based saxophonist and composer, Nubya Garcia, is one of the leading forces behind the resurgence of jazz-influenced sounds in the UK. Raised in a creative environment built by a set of Caribbean parents, her brand of afro-tinged Jazz has made her a key component in a string of new and established groups: from work with MOBO Award-winning drummer, Moses Boyd, legendary Jungle producer and toaster, Congo Natty, through to her own works as part of six-piece, Maisha, and the Nérija septet. Nubya fearlessly threw herself head first into this 5ive project, her debut recording, with a clear vision of what she wanted and was meticulous in her pursuit of her sound. Enlisting the help of fellow musical comrades from an exciting new wave of London based talent, Nubya tapped into well-seasoned, harmonious relationships with players that know and understand her – and this joyful union radiates through her compositions.

This was Nubya’s West Coast debut and last stop of her North American Tour of 2019, so you know we had to do it big for the very talented and incredible young woman. She has been flourishing in the jazz scene and we were very happy to have her as our second female headliner for the Jazz Is Dead series via ArtDontSleep.

Her sound is unlike any other, as she incorporates so many different genres into her melting pot of jazz, just as her community reflects the same ideas, where in London there are so many different cultures blending into one. Most notably, you can feel and hear the major Dub influences in her sound, and she just leaves us speechless by how much heart and soul she pours into her saxophone on stage.

Thankful for the opportunity to work with and feature her on our platforms, and we can’t wait to bring her back to LA for another round soon!

Sherry YoungeComment