Jazz Està Morto: Liminha (Os Mutantes)


Last month, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and ArtDontSleep took a journey to Brazil. Adrian and Ali were performing The Midnight Hour and we (ADS) was tour managing. Long story short, we paid our respects to the Brazilian Maestros, whose musical shoulders we stand on. We sat in the homes of Liminha, Arthur Verocai and Azymuti. We broke bread with João Donato and Marcos Valle. To believe that those humble meetings have turned into this epic series is a dream come true. Join us, for one, if not all, of our special events. 

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Liminha (Os Mutantes) 
Born Arnolpho Lima Filho in 1951 in São Paulo, Liminha is a Brazilian musician and producer. He started his career as the bassist of “Os Baobás”, “and was called in 1970 to tour with Os Mutantes, becoming an official member. In 1974
he left the group to start his producing career. Liminha has produced albums for Gilberto Gil (Grammy Award winning album Eletroacústico), Raul Seixas, Ed Motta, João Gilberto, Luis Melodia, Chico Science & Nação Zumbi, Lulu Santos, As Frenéticas and Jorge Ben to name a few. Grab your TICKETS HERE

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