The Artforms of Yesterday: Unchaining the Styles of the Early '80s Rock Era.


The counter cultures of Rock in the ‘80s broke boundaries through their rebellious expressions. This Hair showcase highlighted the ways in which disenfranchised youth rebelled against the conservative norms of the time, brandishing hair, style and attitude as a weapon.  To an era that rings true to this day, Sherry Younge and her Artform Artists took you on a journey demonstrating the styles that were a reflection of a society that was constantly challenging the status quo, utilizing various products from Salon Centric, Sam Villa, Matrix, Bellami, and Japonesque.


DJ ChromeQueen

The ‘80s brought about vibrant vivid colors with icons such as Cyndi Lauper who helped to popularize the feminine rebellious culture. Pink did not just only personify femininity anymore, but also empowerment. DJ ChromeQueen’s look was achieved by using Bellami hair extensions with added color from Matrix So Color Cult + their new Length Goals line exclusively for managing your extensions.



Another distinguishable style factor birthed in the ‘80s was the androgyny movement. Grace Jones is perfect example of a female of that time who broke the boundaries of sexuality when it came to your expressive style. She challenged the social norms by rocking a shaved head, which is something very common in our society today with undercuts being trendy amongst women. This look was achieved by using the Sam Villa texture tool to add volume, along with the Japonesque makeup line + crease blending brush to complete the makeup looks. The purple Bellami hair extensions stem from inspiration from Glam rock icon Prince, and we used Matrix Keep Me Vivid to ensure long lasting color.



There were so many cutting edge styles of the ‘80s, but they all together reveled against one’s sexuality. David Bowie like Prince was a pivotal icon of this time, and in Glam rock those artists made it a point to be the center of attention with every last detail they incorporated while on stage. Punk rock did the same with female artists like Joan Jett and Debbie Harry, who grabbed your attention with their edgy and risqué styles. This look was achieved by using the Sam Villa tool to add texture and volume, Matrix BOND to replenish hair nutrients after color, and some of the Japonesque make up line to achieve the Kabuki makeup style.

These androgynous, dramatic, colorful, edgy, and fierce looks always inspire us everyday. As changes continue to happen around us within music, fashion, and everyday life, we reflect back on eras such as this one, where they persevered to find inspiration after tough transitional times. This is our call to action of being free from the inhibitions in our society, and we are continuing the lineage of Breaking Chains. 

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