The Artform Studio is currently under construction in Highland Park, Los Angeles and will reopen with a renewed collection of records and books to retail. The Artform Studio will continue to be a hybrid business, operating as a full service hair and make up salon, and boutique vintage record store this Winter 2017. We are dedicated to provide excellent services and quality products for customer satisfaction. Our studio will maintain an inviting atmosphere with some vintage mid century salon furniture and vinyl record displays. The vintage vinyl collection playing throughout the day will build the nostalgia of our creative work environment.

Adrian Younge and Sherry Younge own and operate The Artform Studio's creative space which will reopen in Highland Park this Winter of 2017. Both have 19 years of experience in the hair, make up, and music industry. Sherry Younge is a state licensed Cosmetologist and has worked for upscale salons in the Los Angeles area and continues to manage The Artform Studio. Adrian Younge continues to master his craft in music as  a DJ, music producer, and instrumentalist.  

Our hair, make up, and music industry business continues to grow together and targets our artistic and professional neighborhood clientele. We have clients who accept changes in the growth of these industries from professional creative fields such as designers and musicians to business professionals such as lawyers and doctors, who want to look their best for success. We take advantage of social media news and update ourselves in the current fashion and music trends we find suitable and create an overall look and offer new playlists for our clients.


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