Adrian Younge Presents Linear Labs Studio


The Artform Studio is proud to congratulate Adrian Younge on the opening of his new studio!

“From the Sampler to the Symphony: For the last 20 years, I’ve spent every dime I’ve earned to further research, find and cultivate the best recording equipment ever made. This journey illuminated an inevitable dream whereby I would one day open a commercial studio where like minded artists would record in my sanctuary, under my terms, with no computers or commensurate digital objectives. It is with great pleasure that I announce that this dream has come true.

When I began making music in ‘96, with a sampler and a cassette recorder, I learned that in order to be the best artist possible, I had to teach myself how to play instruments and record in a way that exemplified the classic breaks I adored. With no money, and an overabundance of passion, I spent every cent on analog equipment and education: I read books on linear recording while simultaneously studying law; I asked the right questions and created a life with no regard of how others saw my nebulous journey. Essentially, I started proving to myself that unfettered self-belief, coupled with perseverance, is the key.

With that perspective, I believed in one day developing my own sonic palette: a musical theory based on studying vinyl in order to develop a new kind of music and sound. But with my crazy dreams, I didn’t know that I could surpass what I thought was already impossible. I never thought I’d develop the ability to write music for orchestras and record orchestras in my own commercial studio, on my own analog tape, with my own antiquated equipment, with my own musical theory, for my own audience. This accomplishment may never be memorialized with a golden statue, but it has been memorialized in seeing how this move has pushed me beyond what i thought was possible. It’s tangible elevation through continued self investment and unrelenting confidence. From the sampler to the symphony, from the bedroom to the commercial magnetic recording facility, I’m happy to announce that my career has just begun. It’s official, the new Linear Labs Studio is here. This is life changing for me, my friends, my family and our future as artists. Please visit for more. Thank you. ”

— Adrian Younge

Sherry YoungeComment