DEPTH - A Life Drawing Session: Mother's Day



May edition celebrating Motherhood and in honor of Mother's Day.


The month of May is always about Mom, and Artform Artist Jazmin Hicks honored Mother's everywhere for this month's DEPTH. Portraying and embodying the beauty that is becoming a mother and honoring the beautiful gift that women are blessed to give and receive.

We were very happy to have Artform Artist Stacy Batalla as our model for this edition of DEPTH, as we welcome her as our newest Mother among our team! This month we featured beautiful Paper Art headpieces by Annie from PaperMint Lamb, with the help of hair styling by owner and operator Sherry Younge, backed up by Artform Artist Sherri Silva painting her canvas, Stacy, with make up.

The Paper Art was such a great addition to the Drawing Session and we had a blast being able to recreate one of our very own Artform Artists and celebrate the welcoming of her first born baby. This DEPTH really drew in a different crowd from the ages of 11 years old up to 50 years old, where the community of Highland Park really embraced the beauty of a Mother.

Sherry YoungeComment