The Only Risk You Take, Is Not Taking One: Artform Winter 2019

Our Artform Artists take risks everyday of their lives to be able to express who they truly are as creatives. This Artform Winter 2019 Collection features one of our favorites brands, Matrix, focusing on their newest line #SoColorCult vibrance color. We had a lot of fun with this project and bring to you something out of this world as we turn off the lights and let our individual vibrant colors SHINE!

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Sherry Younge


Sherry Younge, co-owner of Artform, chooses to take calculated risks. When she first started Cosmetology school, some of her family members were very concerned that this profession was not going to be stable for her. At that time about 20 years ago, she didn’t see many Filipinos her age that were going into this profession. But, she chose to stand out and now couldn’t be any happier. She really loves what she has been doing over the years and has encouraged others to get into this profession as well, whom are now amazing hairstylists.

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Kaz Shimada


For Artform Artist Kaz, this is where she feels alive. Most people would relate being truly unusual with a negative connotation, but Kaz has taken the risk to embrace this different side of her and express it through her artistry here at Artform.


Sherri Silva


Our Artform Artist Sherri Silva begins to illuminate while working in the hair and make up industry. Sherri is a very introverted person, but through her art she is able to express her creativity freely with no judgement.

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Stacy Batalla


Stacy continues to unravel her passion in the arts and never look back. She used to work in the legal industry for 10 years before she followed her calling into the beauty industry, which has been challenging and a huge sacrifice but very rewarding. She loves being a hairstylist and we love her cut and color combinations she’s mastered with beautiful balayage techniques.

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Kheyli Tristen


When challenges arise for Artform Artist Kheyli, she embraces them. Kheyli is one of the youngest stylists at Artform and is also a young mother! For Kheyli, these experiences gave her the extra motivation she needed to further herself in her career!

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Amanda Brown


As hair and make up artists at Artform, we focus on being attentive to details in our cuts, color, hairstyles, and make up artistry. Amanda is an artist that practices multiple forms of art. We are looking forward to seeing more of her detailed cuts and color. So excited to see what is igniting her life through her passions in the arts of photography and more.

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Amanda Wright


For Amanda she chooses to use the power of her voice to bring awareness to local NPO’s, and in partnership with #TheArtformStudio, we do this through our free community events.

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Linda Reyes


Artform Artist Linda continues to defy limits everyday to pursue her artistry in hair and make up. Even after working her day time job as an educator for kids with special needs, she still comes to work ready for cuts and color.

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Jazmin Hicks


Our Artists are in control to pursue what it takes to continue their careers in the arts. Jazmin is an artist that continues to practice the art of drawing for her life drawing events here at Artform called DEPTH.

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