The Artform Studio Presents: Janette Beckman's The Mash Up Book


In honor of all things Photoville + the premiere of the amazing Contact High exhibit at The Annenberg Space for Photography, we were honored to have featured and well renown photographer, Janette Beckman, in our home talking about her latest personal book release called The Mash Up, which is a collection of work combining Janette’s iconic portraits of Hip Hop moguls with the work of some of the best know LA/NY graffiti artists.

We had a panel discussion hosted by the Heat Rocks Podcast (Oliver Wang & Morgan Rhodes) with author Janette Beckman alongside one of the featured artists in her book who happens to be the well known female Venice graffiti artist, Jules “Muck Rock”. The topic of discussion was about the intertwining worlds of Hip Hop and Graffiti, and just how much the hip hop culture has impacted all types of art forms.

It was a very intimate experience and the conversation was historic. We are always thankful for events such as these which help keep the culture thriving. Peep the full discussion below via ArtDontSleep.

Sherry YoungeComment