Record Store Day 2018

When you think of the Artform Studio, most people always make the connection with our annual Record Store Day event that we throw to honor the culture, and truly show how we personify Beauty and Melody.

Now for the second year around at our new home here in Highland Park, we could not have been more happier with the turnout, and we absolutely feel the love from all over Los Angeles as the community continues to support our movement. The best part about it, is that we do this all for you!!!

Still reigning as the only Record Store in LA that has anything like this, showcasing the music and hair world intertwining, Adrian and Sherry Younge really go above and beyond so that everyone from all walks of life can experience a different side of the industry.

Sherry Younge and her team of amazing stylists did it big this year on each other! With her monthly Artforms of Yesterday event, which highlights a particular album cover and shows how the stylist reinvents it on themselves to create a conversation, each of the stylists had all of our guests feeling like they were living in the late 60’s! From our Artform Artists Kaz embodying Grace Jones, to Jazmin Hicks getting her Diana Ross on, there was so much to talk about when revisiting these particular album covers of different times in history. And, our festivities actually fell on the two year anniversary of Prince’s death so they without a doubt had to pay homage to the late and great legend.

As per usual, a killer lineup was of course expected, and Adrian Younge managed to gather together all of his close friends who actually happen to be some of the greatest artists in the industry. With such an extensive lineup, from musicians, to artists, to connoisseur, there was genuinely something that you could take from each set.

Overall though, the aura that this event creates never seizes to amaze us here at Artform. We always manage to make you feel like you are right at home and it ends up being a huge family affair.

Will we be seeing you next year ?

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