JAZZ IS DEAD: The First Look at Adrian Younge's 'Voices of Gemma'



It's clear that the curators at Art Don't Sleep wanted to get your attention with such a forward statement, and they sure did last night at The Lodge Room in Highland Park. It was a packed house with a full line up of nothing but Jazz and class, proving that this movement stands only as a reminder that Jazz is being reincarnated in many new ways every day.

Headlining this movement is our very own Adrian Younge premiering his latest album that is starting this all, 'Voices of Gemma', featuring the lovely voices of opera singer Brooke deRosa and Jazz singer Rebecca Englehart, along with Adrian's amazing orchestra.

The night was hosted by the beautiful Novena Carmel, whom is a music connoiseur, DJ, and daughter of the legendary Sly Stone. Kicking the night off was the world famous DJ Rashida, which you can recall her from working with the likes of Prince, Pharrell Williams, and on Randy Jackson's 'America's Best Dance Crew. And, things just kept getting better as the well known and loved Producer DJ Wyldeflower takes the stage setting the tone and creating an energy of eagerness as the audience gets closer to witnessing epicness on stage. These ladies most definitely knew how to start off the night!

First live performance went out to the LA Natives Aaron and Lawrence Shaw, the brothers that created the group Black Nile straight from the city of Inglewood. There performance was very eccentric starting off with some beat juggling then entering the classic Jazz ways of improvisations and a combination of it all! It was a very fresh approach for the night and proves that the youth is just as involved and aware of this monumental movement.

Of course, there were plenty of Tribe fans in the building. Mister Ali Shaheed is always down with the cause and supporting his close friend and partner Adrian Younge, so yes he put on a perfect set just right for this night. The curtains revealed the legend behind a green and red striped DJ setup on stage and Ali proceeded to take us back to the jive days. And, who better to introduce the headliner of the night, right ?

With a fully equipped orchestra, amazing vocals, and Adrian Younge's innovative take on Jazz, this was one performance worth waiting for.  The album 'Voices of Gemma' does not even drop until this Friday, and the people of Highland Park got first dibs on the greatness. It was such a phenomenal show; from the beautiful hair/makeup/wardrobe all done by our leading lady here at Artform Sherry Younge, to the precise conducting by Adrian, and even down to the amazing energies that filled the room. By the end of the night the audience was begging for an encore!

The Voices of Gemma will forever be a staple in Adrian Younge's already vast discography. He continues to raise the standards of how timeless music can stand to be and he never disappoints with his newest reinventions.  The album Voices of Gemma featuring Opera singer Brooke deRosa and Jazz singer Rebecca Englehart drops this Friday March 30th and of course you can find it here at The Artform Studio and maybe get it signed by Adrian himself too.

The movement is LIVE !!!

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