U.N.I.T.E. featuring D.R.E.A.M. Complex


January we are honored local Non-Profit Organization D.R.E.A.M. Complex; an interactive after school Arts program, brought to you by Amanda Wright.

DREAM COMPLEX is a nonprofit travelling interactive after school arts program. This interactive learning experience is offered to inner city youth of public schools across Southern California. THEIR MISSION: To create a social movement that inspires our youth to consciously think outside of their box, search for their passion, and build their community and the economy. The learning experience our youth will gain, can and will literally change their lives by inspiring their God given gifts within them. By creating a positive and safe environment to express themselves, it will help ignite the youth’s entrepreneurial spirits.

Great times with DREAM COMPLEX and their amazing DREAM TEAM;

Texas West - Founder & CEO, Kassy Francis - Community Director, and Alexis Mahrie - Marketing Director, along with their guest Nature’s Vibe Healing!

We danced the night away with a variety of styles such as African and Hip-Hop, and learned the one and only DREAM COMPLEX chant. There was practice of meditation and “I AM” affirmations during stretching, and everyone made sure to participate in the cypher circles! Lastly, it was great healing to have Nature’s Vibe in the building giving us tips and tricks on spiritual healing, which is one of the foundations of this organization as well.

We most definitely were all reminded that it is possible to achieve a dream as complex as ours!

Sherry YoungeComment